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Attention Business Owners and HR Managers--do you want to be a HERO to your employees? Then become a Select Employee Group with PSE Credit Union and you will be enhancing your employee benefits package at no cost to you!

Employee satisfaction surveys show that employees view access to a Credit Union as a major benefit. Offering credit union membership to your staff can help you hire and retain talented personnel and the best part is as a business — it doesn’t cost you a thing!

Partnering with PSE Credit Union will give your employees:

  • Valuable savings tools and money saving loan options
  • A wide array of convenient, low-cost financial products and services
  • Educational seminars and onsite presentations
  • 24-hour access with Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Nationwide ATM Network and PAL Telephone Banking
  • Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction
  • Special promotions and offers exclusively for your employees
  • Lifetime benefit of Credit Union Membership (“Once a member, always a member.”)

Interested in learning how you can offer this great benefit to your business staff? Contact Ashley Reddy, Business Development Representative at: 440-545-5153 or email areddy@psecuorg.net