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Pennie the Puppy Kids Club

PSE Credit Union Pennie the Puppy Kids ClubEnroll your child in the Pennie the Puppy Kids Club and let the magic begin! With an initial deposit of $5.00, kids can begin to learn the value of saving money. As they make deposits they get stamps that can be redeemed for special gifts. Children 12 and under may join.

The Pennie the Puppy Kids' Club at PSE Credit Union will help you learn about saving money while you earn stamps and great prizes! What could be better?

Scholastic PSE Credit Union Club


Platinum Club

Join the Platinum Club and receive special member benefits such as, preferred one-hour loan service with a discount on certain loans (members must meet certain credit qualifications), unlimited ATM usage, FREE PS Easy Pay service (online/telephone bill payer program) and discounts on credit union services such as FREE travelers checks and 10% off of safe deposit box rental. To qualify, you must have a PSE Credit Union checking account, VISA card, ATM/Debit card and put $250 on hold in your regular savings account.


CU Succeed Club

PSE Credit Union Claim Your Youth Club
The CU Succeed Club is a program for members age 13-22 years-old who are students. The program offers customized accounts and services such as a Student VISA® card, a FREE checking account and an ATM/Debit card. CU Succeed also offers entertaining quarterly newsletters and an interactive website to help young people learn about money and credit.


Share Savers

We've given you totally FREE checking, with no minimum balance requirement, no monthly service fee and no per check charge. How would you like to get FREE checks to go along with that? Members who join the Share Savers Club and agree to put $2,000 on hold in their regular savings account can get up to three boxes of FREE, complimentary checks per year.