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April Skip a Pay!

Let the SPRING begin with a special Skip-A-Payment offer. You can skip your April payment on your loan with the credit union. Mortgage, home equity, Visa Credit Cards, and business loans are not eligible. There is a low application fee of $35.00 per skip request. This fee will be automatically withdrawn from your PSE Credit Union account. Interest will continue to accrue. By skipping one or more payments, the term of the loan is extended. Skipping a payment is easy! Just complete the form below and fax it to us, deliver it in person, or mail it in.



*All PSE Credit Union loans must be current, with no collection action pending and must have been open for at least six (6) months. PSE Credit Union’s Skip-A-Pay program allows you to skip up to two (2) monthly payments on your loan each calendar year. Skipped payments may not be in consecutive months. Your account must not be overdrawn, and you must have sufficient funds on deposit to cover the $35 application fee. Each loan payment is applied first to unpaid late fees and charges, then to the accrued interest due on the loan, and the remaining amount is applied to the principal balance.
**A separate written Application Disclosure, and Agreement must be completed and submitted for each loan on which the borrower(s) wish(es) to apply to skip a payment. Subsequent requests to skip payments on a loan for which a written Application, Disclosure and Agreement has already been submitted can be made by contacting PSE Credit Union. Other restrictions may apply. Refer to the account and loan disclosures and agreements. For auto loan payments, please check with your GAP insurance carrier to determine how Skip-A-Pay may affect your coverage.
***Loan payments made through ACH authorization from another institution will still be drawn and then deposited into your PSE savings account.

All accounts are unsured to $250,000 by American Share Insurance (ASI) a private member owned insurer. This institution is not federally insured. MEMBERS ACCOUNTS ARE NOT

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  1. This is to request skip a paynment for car loan
    • Admin
      Thank you for reaching out to us – one of our Loan Officers will contact you to discuss your inquiry.

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