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Telephone Scams

Members Be Aware—Bank Fraud Calls Are on the Rise---There is an increased number of fraudulent phone scams going on at this time. Scammers have been calling people to alert them to potential fraud with their bank accounts. As the call progresses, they request bank account numbers, passwords or other sensitive data. Don’t provide these details to anyone calling you. Just hang up the phone. PSE Credit Union WILL NOT call you and ask for any type of financial information. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from PSE Credit Union—DO NOT give them any information and DO NOT call them back with a phone number they have given to you. Hang up the phone and call us at 440-843-8300 to verify whether the call was legitimate.

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  1. My account was compromised I was taken in by a fake PayPal scam. Account number-906903 Phone-440666-8342

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