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We love hearing from our members!

PSE team standing next to the Parma sign

You're never just a number at PSE Credit Union. Our members are of the utmost importance to us! We constantly strive to improve their experiences with us. Member feedback is essential to our process. Here are some of the great things that members have had to say:

“My husband and I came in and had to open up a new checking and savings account because my car was broken into and my purse was stolen. Megan A. at the Welcome Desk. (at the Main Office) did an excellent job with us getting the new accounts opened and provided such wonderful customer service! I want to commend her for doing such a good job!”

-Judy D. (July 2022)

“Karyn S. (at the Main Office)---You’ve been so kind. Can’t thank you enough for your time of checking into my mother’s account!”

-Steve & Joan P. (February 2021)

“I would like to compliment the young lady that helped me get my account straightened out on Tuesday 1/5/2021. I don’t know her name but she is clerk #60 on the receipt (Michelle C.) She took her time and listened to me. I am very thankful for her knowledge and help.”

-David N. (January 2021)

“Dear Karyn S., Thank you for your help with the completion of my forms. Hope the holidays are blessing-filled and the coming year brings an end to the Corona 19 Virus!”

-Maureen S. (January 2021)

“I have been a member of PSE for over 30 years. I would like to commend Megan Anderson (at the Main Office in Parma) for the great job she does at the Welcome desk! She is knowledgeable, efficient and very pleasant. I have received valuable advice and information from her. Other people have been very helpful too! I appreciate the job everyone does here! Today my hero is Megan!”

-Helene T. (December 2019)

“OMG!! Such a great way to do business!! As you see, I have been borrowing money from PSE forever (it seems), and this was so easy. I didn’t have to leave work, drive from the east side, and as I said before, I am computer illiterate, but I was able to do everything myself. Thanks so much Jeff!”

-Lori Z. (February 2019)

“Dan Sommers was especially helpful and professional! He made the loan process fast and easy!”

-Melissa Z. (January 2019)

“When it came time to find a home equity loan my husband and I researched banks and credit unions in our area. We found PSE Credit Union to have the lowest rates available. The staff at PSE Credit Union were so friendly and made the process so easy and effortless on our part. We had a great experience, in addition to the loan process being so quick and easy!”

-Amanda Greenhoe (December 2018)

“PSE has been my go to for loans for years!”

-Jason E. (October 2018)

“Daniel Sommers did an excellent job with my home equity loan!”

-Ronald W. (September 2018)

“The loan officer was very knowledgeable, professional and fast!”

-Timothy D. (September 2018)

“Jeff Szeszak at the Parma Branch was a pleasure to work with! Thank you!”

-Ramon C., (August 2018)

“Daniel Sommers and Marguerite Nagy provided exceptional service! I will talk to my friends regarding your loan products and other services!”

-Jaraj S. (June 2018)

"Excellent member service, very informative loan officer—Dan Sommers. Extremely fast processing from beginning to end. Thank you!"

-Pat W.

“Vivian was professional in every way---it was a pleasure doing business with PSE!”

-Julius N. (June 2018)

"PSE Credit Union employees are personable and truly care about customers' financial safety, personal well being, and solve problems quickly and efficiently."

-Florine B.

"It's not just a bank or where my paycheck goes. I have a relationship with the bank and any financial advice or question they're more than happy to help and steer me in the right direction! They take worry, pain, and stress right away when it comes to finances."

-Derek F.

"Having had my identity tampered with PSE Credit Union has been great in helping to make sure that my accounts with them go unharmed."

-Barb B.

"What I like most about PSE Credit Union is the convenience of PAL. I also really like the staff, especially Patti and Nancy. EVERYONE there is so friendly. I look forward to going to the credit union because I know that I am going to be in and out."

-Linda G.

"I love the friendliness and knowledge of the staff and other officers. Everyone is helpful. I live out of state, but have retained my accounts there simply because when I do visit my family in Ohio, it's convenient to have the option of going there for funds. I also keep my VISA card from the credit union, because I love the service and friendliness of the staff when I need to call about my balance or anything else."

-Roberta S.

"I like that they have MobiMoney and I can do almost everything through my phone. Very convenient."

-Alexis S.

"I have been banking with PSE for at least 15 years. Although I do not live near a PSE anymore, but I have kept my account with the bank because I would much rather do banking with PSE than anywhere else."

-Stacy W.

"PSE is a friendly type of credit union. You don't feel intimated when you walk into their lobby and I always feel like they're willing to work with me."

-David C.

"The staff is courteous, knowledgeable, friendly. I use the online banking services and find them easy to use and accurate. The hours of operation are satisfactory."

-Linda B.

"Many of the staff have been there for a long time, so you see familiar faces! They will handle things for you where at other financial institutions they make the customer complete withdrawal forms and deposit slips."

-Ashley S.